Can I adjust the force of a gas strut?

Yes, all our gas struts are adjustable gas struts. Our gas struts are shipped with a set force. These struts have a valve. If you push the valve, the gas is vented out and the force is lowered. Please be careful: when the force is too low, the gas strut becomes unusable.

Do you offer pneumatic roof struts?

At we sell gas struts for different applications, including roof tops for campers and cars. We call these pneumatic roof struts, but they are not really pneumatic. The gas springs contain a cylinder with compressed gas (and not compressed air), but behave in a similar way to pneumatic applications.

What are heavy duty gas struts?

Need heavy duty gas struts? sells gas struts with a force as high as 2500N for heavy duty applications. Do you want to use a gas strut outside without cover? Then we recommend our stainless steel (304) gas struts.