Pneumatic roof strut: find your gas strut

Interested in a pneumatic roof strut? At we sell gas struts for different applications, including roof tops for campers and cars.

Our gas struts contain a cylinder with compressed gas. They are not automatically controlled and do not contain compressed air. This means that they are not really pneumatic. Yet many of our customers call our gas springs ‘pneumatic’, because the gas springs behave in a similar way to pneumatic applications.

Calculate which gas strut you need for your application. Is it a hatch in the roof? Measure and weigh the hatch so that you can select a gas spring with the correct force (Newton). Our calculator will guide you through the options.

Do you want to replace a roof strut? Check the product number on the strut and use our replacement search function. We sell various replacement struts for for example Airax, Stabilus, Suspa and Bansbach gas struts.