Heavy duty gas struts? Gas struts up to 2500N for heavy duty applications!

Do you need a heavy duty gas strut for your tool box, industrial equipment, bonnet and boot lid or cargo door? At Gasspringsshop.co.uk we sell a variety of different size gas springs for every application.

A gas strut contains a cylinder with compressed gas. The more gas in the cylinder, the higher the Newton (N) force. Did you know that we sell gas struts with a force as high as 2500N? These struts are often used for heavy duty applications.

Do you want to use a gas strut outside? Then we recommend you buy stainless steel (304) gas springs. However, these stainless steel gas springs are not suitable for prolonged contact with seawater. For marine applications please contact our customer service.

Use our calculator to find the right gas strut for your application. Enter the details of your gas spring application, use the simulator and order your gas strut online.