Short gas strut? Buy online @!

Do you want to buy a short gas strut? You can find short gas struts (< 20 cm) on

Our shortest gas strut has a length of 92 mm (9,2 cm), without mountings From mounting to mounting the length is 114 mm. It’s the 4-12-30. Since this is a short gas spring, the gas spring is not very powerful. The maximum Newton (N) force is 200N.

Do you need more power? Choose a larger and thicker gas strut. The gas strut 8-19-50 is still short with a total length of 145 mm (14,5 centimeter) without mountings and 194 mm between the mountings. This one has a maximum force of 800N. That’s four times more powerful.

Don’t you know how much ‘force’ you need? Use our calculator to find your short gas strut. Enter the details and our configurator finds the right gas strut for your application. You can try the simulator and see how it works.