Adjustable gas strut?

When you are not sure of the force you need for your application to open or close, an adjustable gas strut might be the best solution. When in doubt, it is advisable to choose a gas strut with more force than you actually need. So when necessary, you can reduce the force by releasing gas via the valve, another option would be to use our calculation tools to calculate exactly what power you require.

All our gas struts are equipped with a valve giving us wide range of possibilities, allowing us to adjust the pressure in the gas strut in such a way that the force exactly matches your application or the gas strut you want to replace. But how can you calculate your gas strut?

Can I adjust the force of a gas strut?
Yes, all our gas struts are adjustable gas struts. Our gas struts are shipped with a certain force. These struts have a valve. If you push the valve, the gas is vented out and the force is lower. Please be careful: when the force is too low, the gas strut becomes unusable.

Three options to find your gas strut
We have developed three different options to find a suitable gas strut. You can either configure your own gas strut, calculate one or find a replacement for your current gas strut.

If you already know which gas strut you need, you can use our configurator. The configurator allows you to assemble a gas strut along with the right mounting parts. All dimensions of the selected products can be found immediately and you can also view your design in 3d.

Not sure which gas strut you need? Then use our calculator. With the calculator you can calculate exactly which gas tension strut or gas pressure strut you need and how they can be mounted. The force (N) is also determined by the calculation tool.

The third and final option is our replacement search tool. This helps you to find an appropriate replacement for a current adjustable gas strut which is due for replacement. We offer worthy replacement gas struts from the brand Hahn Gasfedern. They are suitable for various brands such as Airax Rayflex, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat, Lesjöfors and various other brands. 

Need help by assembling your gas strut?
Our customer service is happy to help you find a suitable gas strut. Contact us by sending an e-mail : [email protected] or call us at +44 (0) 24 7645 5580.