Trunk hydraulic lift: a strut that will lift you car trunk?

Are you in the need of a new gas spring for your car trunk? Sometimes replacement will be necessary due to breakage or wear. Via our webshop you can easily find the correct hydraulic lift for your trunk!

Hydraulic lifts for your trunk

Hydraulic lifts help to open trunks and hatches around car. It lifts automatically the lid and holds the applications open while you perform loading up cargo or while you perform repairs. It can be possible that the lid of your trunk fails to stay open. This is a common problem and is mainly due to natural permeation, exposure to hot temperatures and, of course, frequent use.

Finding a hydraulic lift for your trunk

Via Gasspringshop you can easily find a hydraulic lift for your trunk lid. Via our replacement tool you can enter all the required information that is needed for the tool to find a matching shock for your current one. When you have entered all the specifications, such as weight, dimensions and capacity, the program will show you which shocks are suitable for your trunk. You can easily find those shocks in our broad range of gas springs available in our webshop.

How to replace the hydraulic lifts?

After you found the correct shock for your trunk via our replacement tool and after you have received your order via our webshop, you can easily replace the shock yourself. We recommend you to take your time to replace the hydraulic lift as it is a very precise job. First, you have to open the trunk of your car. Remove the retainer bolts from the top and unscrew the lower end of the shocks. Remove the old shocks and install the new ones. Replace the shock in pairs and remove the prop rod. Finally, test the trunk in order to verify the repair of the trunk.

The ordering process

Once you have found the correct hydraulic lift for your trunk, you can order it via our webshop. We offer a broad range of gas springs available in stock. The orders will take up 1-3 days to deliver at any given address. If you want to return your order because there seems to be something wrong with the hydraulic system, you can contact our customer service to start the returning process. If you have any further questions or if you are in the need of any assistance. You can contact us via telephone or send us an e-mail.