Tailgate lift support

Opening or closing tailgates of cars, boats, trailers or truck may be a difficult job. When doors are heavy you will need some support. Luckily, gas springs can form the perfect solutions to support your lifting! 

Tailgate lift support

A gas spring controls the opening and closing of different applications such as boxes, hatches and tailgates. They help to open and close at a controlled speed. The gas springs contain pressured gas that make it possible for the gas spring to support for lifting and lowering. It is also possible to use dampers in order to slow down the motions of the object.   

Configure your own

If you want to create your own gas spring that will support you to lift a tailgate. You can make use of our configurator. You can easily assemble a gas spring of your own by using our specially developed tool. First, you select the material of the gas spring that will provide you lift support. You also choose the gas spring you need based on the cylinder diameters, rod diameters and the length of the stroke. Then, you select the mounting parts that are appropriate for your gas spring. There are several parts available which you can view in more detail via the 360 degrees button. When you have filled in all of the specifications, you can check whether the configurator has properly configured a suitable gas spring for you. If not, you can still adjust the settings of the gas spring until it is correct. Select the force and the number of springs you would like to order.

Service and contact

Gasspringshop is knonw as the number one gas struck provider. We do have a broad range of different gas springs for all kinds of applications. Gas springs can support heavy lifting and lowering of tailgates or help to open or close tailgates. You can easily order gas springs for any application in our webshop. Besides we also do have different options when it comes to custom made gas springs. Those gas spring you can make yourself by using one of our tools. Next to that, you also can order a ready made gas spring. It is also possible to find replacements for your current weary or damaged gas struck. Those replacement can replace any gas spring from brands like Bansbach, AL-KO and Suspa. Our gas springs will be provided to you by Hahn Gasfedern. 

If you have any further questions or if you would like to receive more information and advice.  You can contact us via (+44 (0) 24 7645 5580) or send us an e-mail.