Suspa parts

Gasspringshop has a broad range of gas springs and mounting parts. We provide standard size gas springs as well as customized gas springs. Make use of our tools in order to assemble the perfect gas spring for your application! 

Suspa parts 

Suspa is an international company that produces gas springs for different purposes such as office furniture, fitness equipment and transportation. They distribute their products worldwide as they acquire manufacturing facilities in Germany, the USA, China and India. Their gas springs and parts are reliable as they are tested according to internal quality standards.

Suspa mounting parts

Suspa has different parts available for their gas springs. They have different end fittings, like ball joints, fork heads, ball sockets and angle plates. Mounting parts might come in handy in order to install the gas spring in a proper manner.

Our tools

If you are looking for a replacement for your current Suspa parts gas spring because of wear or damage, you can use our tools! By using our tools, you will be able to assemble a gas spring of your own. By entering all of the required details, the program will calculate what kind of gas spring is available that matches your current gas spring.

About Gasspringshop

Gasspringshop is an online webshop in gas springs. We offer a broad range of gas springs and mounting parts. You can easily order gas springs via the shop. We deliver directly from stock and try to get all shipments delivered within 1-2 working days. Gasspringshop wants to provide the best service! You can easily return your goods via filling in the returning form. Also, our employees would be happy to be of any assistance when you have any questions or need any advice regarding our gas springs. Contact us via phone or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible!