Suspaparts gas springs

Welcome to Gasspringshop. We provide you with gas springs that are available in standard sizes. Next to that, we have developed unique tools that will help you to calculate of assemble a customized gas spring that meets your specific requirements.   


Suspa is a company that produces gas springs for different purposes such as office furniture, fitness equipment and transportation. Suspa distributes their products worldwide as they acquire facilities in Germany, the USA, China and India. They secure a great reputation and deliver reliable springs that are tested according to internal quality standards.   

Damaged gas springs

Eventhough gas springs consist of good quality, frequent use may cause fatigue. Therefore, it is important to replace them in time in order to prevent dangerous situations from happening. Suspa gas springs may damage because of corrosion, gradual loss of pressure or collecting of dirt. It is advised to check them regularly for operating properly.  

Customize your gas springs

When you want to replace your current gas springs because of damage or wear, you can use our replacement tool. This tool allows you to assemble your own gas spring. By entering the article number in the search bar, the tool will automatically search our database. After a few seconds the matching gas spring will pop up. However, when our database does not feature the gas spring you will need, you can customize one of your own via our configurator. 

Our customized gas springs

The gas spring you will customize via our configurator are from the German brand Hahn Gasfedern. They produce gas springs in high-quality (stainless) steel that are resistant to chemicals, corrosion and water. Therefore they can be used for countless applications. With that, they meet the requirements that Suspa maintains. They form a great replacement for your Suspa parts gas springs.    

If you need any further information or assistance for finding a replacement for your Suspa parts, you can contact our customer service. We can be reached by phone or via our contact form. Our employees will come back to you as soon as possible.