Stabilus Lift-O-Mat high pressure

Welcome to Gasspringshop. We are an online webshop that offers various gas springs and mounting parts. We offer replacements for different brands such as Bansbach and Stabilus Lift-O-Mat. Via one of our tools, you can easily calculate, configure or replace your own gas spring. 

Stabilus Lift-O-Mat

Stabilus manufactures gas springs for different purposes such as lifting, lowering, moving and adjusting. The Lift-O-Mat line is used for lifting and lowering in a controlled manner this can be established by using gas springs and gas dampers, depending on its force. The force of the gas springs makes it possible to easily lift applications in a safe an user friendly way. The amount of pressure inside is determined by the amount of nitrogen gas that is inside the valve. This can be adjusted by adding or removing gas. 

Gas springs at high pressure

When you need gas springs at high pressure it is important to find a gas spring that has enough force in order to function properly. Gradual loss of pressure may cause dangerous situations. For example; covers may fall down without any warning. The amount of pressure of the gas spring is determined by the amount of nitrogen gas inside the spring. This gas is very safe as it is non-flammable and non-toxic. Gas springs at high pressure are able to lift up to high amounts of weight!      

Our tools

In order to find a correct gas spring for your application, we have developed unique tools, that will help you in order to find a corresponding gas spring. Use our calculator when you want to know what the amount of force of your gas springs should be in accordance with your specific application. If you want to replace your damaged gas springs you can find one via the replacement tool. By entering the article number of your current spring, the tool will find a proper match for you. When you cannot find a replacement in our database, you can make use of the configurator. This tool gives you the ability to assemble a gas spring of your own with the high pressure you need for your application.    

If you do have any questions regarding the replacement of Stabilus Lift-O-Mat gas springs or how to adjust its pressure. Please, contact us via our contact form or give us a call. We would be pleased to be of your assistance!