spd gas shocks

Gasspringshop has a broad range of different gas shocks available for several different purposes. Gas shocks form a great solutions when heavy lifting and lowering should be performed. Next to that, they can offer assistance for opening or closing heavy applications as lids and doors. 

SPD gas shocks

SPD gas shocks are engineered by Associated spring RAYMOND. This company manufactures gas shocks for a variety of applications and environments. Gas shocks are also known as gas springs or gas struts.  SPD manufacturers, next to their standard gas shocks, locking gas shocks, adjustable pressure gas shocks, welded end gas shocks and traction gas shocks. Their gas shocks are compressed with nitrogen gas, which is adjustable, and are made of stainless steel. 

Find your replacement

Is your SPD gas shock broken and do you need to replace it? Via our different tools you can easily replace your gas springs. Use our calculator when you want to know what kind of gas shock you will need for your application. The calculator will determine the dimensions of your gas shock for you. If you need to replace you gas shock, you can either use our replacement tool or our configurator. With the replacement tool you can search our database in order to find gas shocks with the same specifications as your current gas spring. However, it might be possible that we do not have your gas shock in our database. Then, you can make use o the configurator. Here, you can enter all of the information on your gas spring and assemble one of your own.   

Our service

As mentioned before, we offer you our online tools for free. With those tools you easily can search for a proper replacement. We offer you the best gas springs and do have a broad range of gas shocks available. When you order gas springs via our webshop, we will ship them within 1-2 working days. We have a standard product range, but do also offer the possibility to customize a gas shock that will fulfill all of your needs. Our customized gas shocks are all manufactured by HAHN Gasfedern. This German company is our main partner and delivers gas shocks of outstanding quality.    

if you do have any more questions or when you need help with one of our tools, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email.