Rear door struts: replace the broken rear door struts by yourself

Are the rear doors of your (station) car broken? Are the struts of the rear door of your working van damaged? Find the perfect replacement in our webshop. We offer you a broad range of different gas springs and struts for any application.

Loss of pressure

Is the door strut of your car or van in need of replacement? Due to weather conditions, natural permeation or just frequently use of the strut, they might fail to work. This gradual loss of pressure causes that the rear doors are not functioning properly anymore and that they fail to stay open. The struts are unable to support the load risking to drop suddenly without warning. This might cause damage and dangerous situations. Therefore, it is important to replace your rear door struts in time!

Find your replacement

If you want to find a replacement for you struts, you can easily find them via our webshop. We have developed several tools that will assist you in finding the proper replacement for your rear door struts. There is a calculator that will calculate the pressure you will need for your rear door struts. The configurator allows you to assemble a strut yourself. Our replacement tool will search our database after you have filled in all the specifications of your current struts. The program will find a suitable strut for your rear door!

Replacing rear door struts

You can easily replace struts yourself. However, we do recommend to do this well prepared. Therefore, we discuss the steps you will need to take in order to replace them by yourself. Open the rear door and remove the retainer bolts of the shocks. Remove the old shocks and install the new ones in pairs. Lastly, you will have to take off the prop rod. You just replaced the door strut! We advise you to test the rear doors to verify that they are properly functioning.

Ordering via our webshop

With the help of our tools you can easily find a proper strut for your application. Once you find the correct rear door strut, you can put it in your basket and order it via our webshop. We do have a very broad range of struts and other accessories the will help to lift, open or close applications of any kind. Orders might take up 1-3 days to deliver at your address. When you have received your order and there seems to be anything wrong with the strut. You can easily return it by contacting our customer service. When you have any further questions of when you are in the need of any assistance, are staff will be happy to help you.