Pushing gas springs for trailer

Gasspringshop offers you a broad range of gas spring for different purposes and applications such as boxes, windows, doors and trailers. Are you looking for a pushing gas spring for your trailer? Find yours now!

Pushing gas springs 

A pushing gas spring is used for many applications. They are built up of a piston housing, rod and seals. Its valve is filled with nitrogen gas to create a counterforce up to 2500 N. The gas inside the spring is safe as it will not burn, explode and it is not toxic. pushing gas springs push open lids, hatches or doors. They are able to keep them in a certain position and can even push very heavy covers.  

Gas springs for trailers

When you want your trailer to open or close in a controlled way, you can make use of a gas spring. Gas springt help to make the trailer work more smoothly and more efficiently. Also, trailers are very heavy. Therefore, lifting, opening and closing can be a heavy job. With the help of a pushing gas spring, this becomes more easy! Also, keeping your trailer in a opening position is way much convenient. You can load your trailer in a easily accessible way. 

Our tools

If you want to find a gas spring that is suitable for your trailer, you can easily find one in our webshop! We would like to help you finding your pushing gas springs by using one of our tools. We developed a calculator that allows you to calculate the amount of force and the size of the gas spring for your trailer. This will be calculated based on the specifications of your trailer. Next to that, we have a configurator. When you want to assemble a gas spring for your trailer from scratch, you can use this tool. It will create a gas spring based on the specifics of your application. Besides, we do have a replacement tool that will find a gas spring that has the same requirements as your current gas spring. The tool searches the database and finds a matching gas spring that can replace your current pushing gas spring. 

If you have any questions regarding our tools or if you need any information about gas springs for trailers, do not hesitate to contact us. Please do so via phone or by filling in the form. We would be happy being of any assistance.