Marine gas springs stainless steel

Do you need a gas spring for a marine environment? has several marine gas springs that are produced out of stainless steel. They are perfect for, for example, all of your boating and marine applications!  

Marine gas springs of stainless steel

Gas springs that are made of stainless steel can be used to open and close objects such as hatches, lids, cabinets, panels and doors at a steady and controlled speed. Because of the pressured gas inside the spring, the movement goes very smoothly and makes them less prone to damage. Marine gas springs are specially made for applications that are located or close to water. They come in handy for keeping lids in a closed or opened position or to help in lifting.    

Benefits of a marine gas spring 

Ordinary gas springs can not withstand marine environments as they are not fully waterproof. Marine gas springs that are made of stainless steel are able to perform in marine environments that consist of both fresh and saltwater. They are resistant to corrosion, stains and rust. 

Use our tool to find your marine gas spring has developed a calculator that will help you to find the perfect marine gas spring made of stainless steel. The calculator allows you to quickly design your own gas spring with the right amount of gas to provide enough pressure for your application. Fill in the details and order it directly in our webshop. Just fill in all the required information and specifications. The calculator will automatically provide you the suitable marine gas spring for your application.  

Next to that, we also have created a configurator. This tool will help you to create a gas spring of your own. By selecting the material, gas spring and mounting parts you can configure your own marine gas spring. You can even view it in 3D by clicking the button! 

We also have made a replacement tool. If you want to replace your current marine gas spring, you can make use of the search function. Our database will be searched for the right replacement for your marine gas spring. 

Our service

Do you need any assistance for finding the correct marine gas spring made of stainless steel? You can contact us by filling in the contact form. Our staff will be happy to help you and give you personal advice on your marine gas spring replacement.