Looking for gas struts at Screwfix?

Are you looking for a gas strut but couldn’t find any at Screwfix? We are the number 1 in gas struts in the UK. At Gasspringshop we offer you a wide variety of gas struts, suitable for various applications, such as: cars, trailers, hatches, toy boxes, kitchen drawers/cabinets, and even tanning beds. A gas strut is commonly used, often without you even noticing it. It ensures that an application gradually opens or closes, without having to use much force.

At Gasspringshop we offer both new gas struts, and also replacement gas struts. Do you currently have a toy box which requires the gas strut to be replaced? Or does your kitchen cabinet not open or close, as it used to? Use our replacement search function to find a new, suitable gas strut for your application or calculate one for a new application with our calculator.

How to find a gas strut
There are several ways to find an appropriate gas strut. You are either looking for a new gas strut or looking to replace an existing one. Either way, in both situations you are guaranteed to find a suitable gas spring.

If you currently have a gas strut which needs to be replaced, use our replacement search function to find a suitable replacement. We offer various replacement gas struts for the following brands: Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat and Suspa Liftline. Find the product number on your current gas strut and enter it in our search function. It then will find a suitable replacement for you. Our gas struts are from the renowned brand Hahn Gasfedern.

In need of gas strut and not sure which one you need? Calculate or Configure it with our useful tools. Either Configure a gas strut by putting it together by yourself or use our Calculator which will calculate the perfect gas strut for your application.

No gas struts at Screwfix?
We are the largest online webshop for gas struts. We sell gas struts with different lengths, diameters, materials and forces (N). Most of them are made of steel, but stainless steel is also a possibility. Calculate or find your gas strut along with the right mounting parts.

Need help by assembling your gas strut? Please contact our customer service and we will help you find a right gas strut.