Liftgate gas struts

Liftgate gas struts come in handy for example by opening a hatch or the valve of a horse trailer. Hatches can be found on ships and boats, market stalls, toy boxes, caravans, roofs, buses, trailers, etc. Gasspringsshop offers various options to find the right liftgate gas strut for a hatch.

Calculate liftgate gas struts 

At Gasspringsshop it is possible to find the right gas strut online by using one of our calculating tools. This allow you to easily and quickly design your own gas strut and order the gas spring directly online. The delivery may be expected within 1 to 2 working days. Would you like to know more about the calculation tools? We give you a brief explanation of how to use the different tools.

Configure, calculate or find your replacement

We have developed three different tools to find a suitable gas strut. Either use the configurator when you roughly know what you need. If you are completely clueless, view the instruction video and use our calculator. In the calculator you can enter all the details of your application, thereafter the tool calculates a suitable gas spring. 

Finally, you can also use the search function for a replacement gas spring. Use this tool when your current gas spring is due for replacement. All you need is the type or article number of your current gas spring, the search function will then find a replacement gas spring. If, in any case, no results are available, use the configurator to assemble a suitable gas strut. 

How to install a liftgate gas strut

Gas springs must be mounted when extended. It is advisable to ask for help so that one person can keep the lid / hatch / cabinet / lid in position while the other assembles the gas strut. Another possibility is to support or prop the valve so that it remains open. You must position the gas spring so that when the valve is closed, the cylinder (the thickest part of the gas spring) is higher than the piston (the thinnest rod) so that the oil can provide the necessary lubrication.

When using for the first time, it is advisable to depress and loosen the piston rod gradually and little by little to promote lubrication of the gas spring components. However, it is not recommended to manually press gas springs with a force higher than 200N. The forces that you then have to exert to press the gas spring are far too great, which could injure you.

Need help? 

Our customer service is ready to help you find the right gas spring. After you have placed an order, it takes about 1 to 2 working days before you have the gas spring in house and can assemble it. Any questions? Contact us by phone or send an email, we are happy to help you.