Industrial gas springs

Gasspringshop is an online webshop that focuses on gas springs, dampers and mounting parts for any application. Whether you need a gas spring for your kids’ toy box or gas springs for heavy machinery in the industrial sector, in our shop, you will definitely find the gas springs you will need!

Industrial gas springs

Gasspringshop offers gas springs from the HAHN Gasfedern brand. We have partnered with this German company as we believe they offer gas springs of the highest quality. They manufacture industrial gas springs with the best materials available. They offer gas springs in standard dimensions, but they do also produce customized gas springs.

Damaged industrial gas springs

Gas springs that are used in the industrial sector are very likely to get wear as they are used very frequently. Frequent use of gas springs might cause damage because of fatigue. Next to that, industrial gas springs might lose pressure gradually which causes the gas springs being unable to support heavy load and making them drop down suddenly. Also, collected dirt around the piston rod and corrosion could be the culprit for damage. Broken gas springs should be replaced immediately when they fail to work as they can cause dangerous situations which might lead to bad injuries.

Assemble your own industrial gas springs

Via our website, it is possible to assemble an industrial gas spring of your own. Via one of our specially designed tools, you can easily customize your own gas spring for your specific application.


Via the calculator you can find out more about the amount of force your gas spring requires in order to function properly. It also provides information about the further specifications the gas spring requires.


The configuration tool will help you to select which industrial gas spring you will need. By selecting the materials, dimensions of the spring and adding mounting parts you can customize a spring that completely meets all of the requirements for you industrial applications.


Replacing your damaged industrial components can be done fairly quickly and easily by using this tool. Simply fill in the article number of your broken gas spring and the search tool will find a proper replacement for your gas spring.

When you do have any questions regarding industrial gas springs or regarding using one of our tools, you can contact us via phone or send us an email. We would be happy to be of your assistance!