Hatch shocks: are you in the need of a shock for your hatch?

Shocks for hatches are commonly used in everyday life. Think about kitchen drawers, cars, toy boxes and busses. Those are objects we use every single day. Are you in the need of a new shock for you hatch? Find your at Gasspringsshop.

Hatch shock

Are you looking for a shock for a hatch? Hatches are very common on ships, boats, campers, roofs, trailers and market stalls. Shocks come in very handy as they provide the ability to lift heavy objects and to close and/or open hatches. Gasspringsshop offers various options regarding shocks for hatches. We know that it can be difficult to find the correct shocks for your applications. How much pressure will you need? Which capacity do you need? What are the dimensions of your shock? In order to answer those questions, we have developed some tools that will provide you a helping hand.

Calculate your hatch shock

Gasspringshop provides different types of tools to find the correct shock for your hatch. We made our tools available for everyone. They are easy to use and therefor, anyone will be able to make use of them. In the following paragraphs we will explain how to properly make use of our tools.


We created a calculator that you can use in order to calculate what shock you will need. We have made an instruction video in order to help you understand how to use the tool.  This tool will create your product in a 3D concept which you can view by clicking on the 360 degrees button.You can easily design your own hatch shock and order them directly via our webshop. We will deliver your shock within 1-3 working days.


Next to that we have established a configurator that will offer the possibility to assemble a shock with corresponding mounting parts and the desired strength.


Would you like to replace the current shock of your hatch due to wear or breakage? We then recommend you to make use of our replacement tool. This tool will easily find a replacement for your shock. Fill in all the required information and the tool will automatically search for a matching product in our catalogue that has exactly the same specifications as the shock that you currently use.

Delivery and return

When you have find a matching shock for your hatch, you can order it via our webshop. Orders will take up 1-3 days to deliver at the given address. If there seems to be anything wrong with the shock, please contact our customer service in order to return it at any time! If you have any further questions or do need any advice. You can call us or send us an e-mail.