Gas strut window

Heavy lids, hatches, doors and windows are not easy to lift. In order to still be able to open those applications, you can use gas struts. Gas struts assist you to easily open heavy applications like a window

Gas strut for window

A heavy window that you want to open. Only menpower will not be enough in order to open or lift the window. Therefor, a gas strut can be an convenient solution. When you apply a gas strut on to your window, you can move it without the use of many force. Also, when you want the window to stay open in a certain position, a gas strut can form a great tool to assist you!  

Replace your gas strut

Gasspringshop is a gas spring provider that offers a wide range of different gas struts. All of our springs are applicable on many objects such as windows, hatches, trailers, cabinets, boxes and doors. When you order via our webshop, we will ship your order within 1-2 working days. Next to our standard product range, it is possible to customize a gas spring of your own. This way, you can replace your broken gas strut and create a new one that matches all of the specifications of your old gas strut. 

How to assemble your own gas strut? 

Via our website you can calculate the force of the gas strut you will need in order to support the lifting and opening of your window. When you cannot find a the correct gas strut for your window, you can assemble one of your own with the help of our tools.


Use this tool in order to find out what force the gas spring requires in order to support the lifting or opening of your windows. The force and size of the gas spring will be calculated based on the dimensions and the weight of your window.


The configuration tool will help you to select the gas strut that you will need. Select the correct material, dimensions and add mounting parts as well. 


If you want a replacement for you current window gas strut, you can fill in the article number of the broken strut. The tool will search our database to find a proper replacement for your damaged window gas strut.  

If you need any assistance in finding a gas strut that will be suitable for your window, you can easily contact us via phone or email. We would be happy to help you.