Gas struts for heavy lid

Are you looking for a gas strut that will support you in order to open and/or close heavy lids? Via our webshop you can easily find a gas strut for your heavy lid. Besides, you can assemble one of your own as well via our configurator! 

Heavy lid

Lids, doors, windows and hatches can be made out of heavy materials such as steel and wood. Support for moving those applications is no unnecessary luxury. Gas struts can be very convenient as they are able to assist heavy lifting and opening for many applications. The force that is needed in order to open heavy lids can be easily adjusted via the amount of nitrogen gas in the valve of the gas strut.  

Assemble your own

When you cannot find a correct gas strut that is able to support your heavy lid, you can easily assemble one via one of our tools. The configuration tool will help you to select a proper gas spring. You can choose the material of your spring and select the dimensions of the rod, cylinder and stroke. Add mounting parts to your gas strut, if required and select the force your gas strut needs to be equipped with.   

Determine the force of your gas strut

The force that your gas strut needs for supporting heavy lids, is determined by a few things. First of all, the speed and frequency of movement should be taken into consideration. Also, the dimensions, position and the weight of the application should be taken into account. Next to that, environmental conditions such as humidity and temperature do influence your gas strut. 

About Gasspringshop

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