Gas springs for 300 lb

Do you need a gas spring that assists you lifting, opening, lowering and closing (heavy) applications such as lids and hatches of boxes and trailers? Find you gas spring via our webshop. We do offer gas springs that are suitable for lifting objects of different weights? 

Gas springs for 300 lb

300 lb is a heavy weight which is not easy to lift. However, with the help of a gas spring lifting heavy objects becomes much more convenient. Gas springs that should lift 300 lb need to be strong and therefore the materials they are made of should be of the best quality. Besides, they need to function safe and in a proper manner and they need to held in esteem a sufficient amount of gas inside the valve.

Our tools

If you want to calculate the amount of gas your gas spring needs in order to lift 300 lb, you can make use of our calculator. Once you have this information, you can apply it in our configuration tool. This tool gives the opportunity to assemble a gas spring of your own. You simply fill in the required details and the tool will assemble a gas spring which you can even view in 3D.

Our service

Gasspringshop is one of the best gas spring providers in the world. We offer a wide range of different gas springs that are applicable on many objects. We easily provide them to you by simply ordering via our website. We ship orders within 1-2 working days. Besides our standard range of gas springs, we do offer the option to customize a gas spring of your own. We have different gas springs available that can replace your current gas springs of brands like Bansbach, AL-KO and Suspa. Our gas springs for 300 lb will be provided to you by Hahn Gasfedern, a reliable German company.

If you do have any questions regarding gas springs or regarding using our tools, you can contact us via phone or send us an email. We would be happy to help you out!