Gas spring stuck open

What is a gas spring?

A gas spring is a compact adjustment elements. They form a practical solution for supporting heavy lifting and in assisting in opening and closing applications. They can be used for doors, trailers, hatches, cabinets and windows. The valve of the gas spring can be filled with nitrogen gas. The amount of gas is determined by the force that is required for your application. It creates a counterforces at very high pressures.   

Causes of failure

Sometimes, gas spring fail to work. This might occur when the gas spring has collected dirt and dust on the piston rod over time. It could be possible that the dirt mixes with the gas and oil inside the gas spring. Therefor, the fail to work in a proper manner. Besides, it could also be due to a gradual loss of pressure which causes the gas spring being unable to support the load. The lid, hatch or door might drop down without warning, causing dangerous situations. Overall, when gas springs meet regular maintenance, they last for a very long time. But eventually, fatigue and frequent use will cause damage to the gas springs. 

Gas spring is stuck

It is very inconvenient when your gas spring fails to work properly. When a gas strut is stuck and it won’t open or close your application this might result into danger and discomfort. When gas springs fail to work in a proper manner, it is very important to replace them as soon as possible. 

Our tools

When you want to replace your gas springs, you can easily make use of one of our tools. We have a configurator, that will assist you to assemble your own gas strut. We have a calculator that will help you to calculate the right size and force of the gas spring you will need. We have a replacement tool that allows you to find a replacement for your damaged or broken gas strut in our database. 

If you need any further information or if you have any more questions about your damaged gas springs. Please contact us by filling in the form. We will be happy to answer your questions as soon as possible.