Gas spring size chart

Welcome to our online shop. We offer gas springs of different sizes and dimensions and also different lengths and forces. Are you looking for a gas spring or would you like to replace your broken gas spring? Thanks to our broad gamma, you will find the perfect gas spring for your application.

Determine the sizes of your gas spring

Before you order your gas spring, you should know what size the gas spring should be in order to meet the requirements for your specific application. The speed and frequency of use of the application should be taken into account when determining its size. Besides, the dimensions, position and weight of the application have to be considered. Do not forget that environmental conditions like humidity and temperature influence the functioning of the gas spring. Therefore, you should take that into consideration as well. 

Customize your gas spring

When the standard sizes do not meet the requirements you need for your gas spring, you can create one of your own. By using our configurator, you can assemble the gas spring in any size you want. In the previous paragraph, all of the aspects that determine the size of your gas spring have been mentioned. All the aspects can be filled in in our configurator. It will assemble a whole new gas spring based on the details you have filled in. Therefor, the gas spring is uniquely made for your application! 

Gas spring size chart

Our gas springs are available in different sizes. Those standard sizes are up to 200, 450, 800, 1250, 2500 and 5000N with threads of M3.5, M5, M8, M10 and M14. The tension springs we offer are up to 350N with a M5 thread or up to 1200N with a 8M thread. 

Our service

Gasspringshop has different gas springs and mounting parts to offer. Besides gas springs, we also have mounting parts such as eyes, elbows and brackets for your gas spring. We deliver your order within 1-2 working days. If you do have any further questions about shipment or using our tools, please do not hesitate to contact us.