Gas spring simulation

Gas springs are essential in nowadays’ society. They form a convenience in order to lift, open or close applications such as trunks, trailers, hatches, lids, cabinets and doors. Without them it would be impossible to lift heavy objects or to load cargo. 

Gas springs

A gas spring is filled with nitrogen gas. This gas is delivered at high pressure. It transfers it force in the cylinder via the piston rod of the spring. This way, it can lift of open applications. By increasing or decreasing the amount of gas in the gas spring, the pressure can easily be adjusted. 

Gas spring simulation

At gasspringshop you can easily simulate your own gas springs. If you are interested in a new gas spring or if you want to replace your old, damaged or broken gas spring, you can use one of our tools. Those tools we have especially designed for you to use as a simulator. 


If you already know what kind of gas spring you need for your application, you can make use of our configurator. Via this tool, you can easily simulate your own gas spring. You fill in all the necessary information such as the material of the gas spring, the rod diameter, the cylinder diameter and the length of the stroke. You can also select different mounting parts. The configurator will match the gas spring that meets your requirements. Select the correct force and the number of springs you want to order. 


Our calculator helps you to determine which gas spring you need for your application. You fill in detailed information on the application into the system. Those information is based on the dimensions, thickness, material and weight of the application. You determine its pivot point and choose how many gas springs you need. 

Replacement function 

If you want to replace your broken or damaged gas spring. You can easily do so via our replacement tool. We can provide you with a replacement for gas springs of Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat and Suspa Liftline gas springs. By entering the brand, product number, diameter of the rod, the length of the stroke, the amount of force and optional mounting parts. The simulator will automatically find a correct replacement for your current gas spring. 

Customer service

If you do not know how to make use of our tools, we are happy to help! Please contact us via phone or email and we will respond to you as soon as possible.