Gas spring opening mechanism

Gas springs allow us to open heavy objects such as hatches and trailer doors, boot and bonnet lids with relative ease, all with a small amount of effort due to the gas spring opening mechanism. Gas springs can be found in many objects, for example in waste bins, office chairs, horse trailers and many other applications. But how does it work?

First of all, it is useful to know why we actually need gas springs. They make our lives a lot easier, imagine that there were no gas springs: trailer hatches, market stalls, folding beds or sunbeds would be much more difficult to open. Take, for example, the office chair that you may be sitting on right now. If there were no gas spring fitted, and you wanted to adjust the seat height, it would just collapse and fall down to the bottom setting.

What is a gas spring opening mechanism?
A gas spring is filled with pressurized nitrogen gas and consists of a sleeve, a rod and a piston. The force of a gas spring is caused by the pressure of the nitrogen gas and is shown in Newton’s. For example, the opening mechanism on a gas spring can open very gradually and prevents slamming and when used on bed lifts, toy boxes and ski boxes.

The gas spring opening mechanism ensures that the object opens easily and also closes gradually. It often only takes a little push to open or close an application, sometimes it is even possible with even the lightest touch.

Calculate your gas spring
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