Gas spring manufacturer

Welcome to Gasspringshop. We offer gas springs in different sizes and with different forces. All of our gas springs and mounting products are produced by another gas spring manufacturer. We offer their products for the best price and we guarantee fast shipping and the possibility of returning. 

Gas spring manufacturer

We do not manufacture our gas springs ourself. We have partnered with HAHN Gasfedern. This German company is one of the leading manufacturers within the gas spring industry. They have a broad range of products: from mounting parts to tensions springs. They strive for quality, are always looking for innovative solutions and they find customer satisfaction very important. What makes them unique is the fact that they offer customer specific solutions; they are able to create customized gas springs that are applicable for your specific case.

Best quality

HAHN gasfedern manufactures gas springs of the highest quality. They only use materials that guarantee a long lifetime and therefore a gas spring is a sustainable investment. All of the springs are in accordance with the set quality standards regarding gas springs. Therefore, they are very safe and reliable. Thanks to their state-of-the-art equipment and their experienced personnel, they can produce at a fast pace. After the production, all gas spring will be installed with the optimal amount of gas that the spring requires.

Our tools

All of our products are available in our shop. However, when you are unable to find what you exactly want, you can use one of our online tools! We have developed those tool in order to provide you a helping hand. Use the calculator in order to find out what the amount of force is that you will need for you gas spring in order to let it function properly. If you cannot find a good gas spring in our shop, you can assemble one of your own via our configuration tool. By filling in the required information, the program will create a whole new gas spring that meets the all of the correct specifications. Finally, if you want to replace your current gas spring from, amongst others, Bansbach, AL-KO and Suspa because of damage, you can do so by using the replacement tool. It will search our database in order to find a match for your damaged gas springs.