Gas spring lift support

Gas springs do support heavy lifting. Lifting a door, lid or hatch that is made of steel or hardwood can ask a lot of strength. To make it more convenient for you to open, close or lift heavy covers, gas springs form a practical solution! 

Gas springs

Gas springs are hydropneumatic adjustment elements. They are also known as gas dampers, gas pressure springs or gas struts. Gas springs can assist opening and closing applications. They are used in many industries and can be used for trailers, hatches, tailgates and kitchen cabinets. Gas springs consist of different components; a piston rod, seals and a piston housing. Their valve is filled with nitrogen gas. The amount of gas can be adjusted, depending on the force that is required for your specific application. The counterforce that is created is of a very high pressure making it so much more easier for you to open or lift heavy objects! 

Lift support

If you need support in order to lift heavy objects, you can install a gas spring onto your application. Gas springs are compact and very user friendly. They can be installed fairly easily onto doors, windows, hatches and boxes. All of our gas springs are made of high-quality materials. We guarantee you that gas springs are a sustainable investment as they last for a very long time when maintenance is being executed on a regular basis. 

Assemble your own gas spring

Via our webshop you can find gas springs in all kinds of dimensions with different strengths. It might be possible that the gas spring you need is not in our range. When we are not able to offer you the gas spring you require, you can assemble one of your own with our tools! 


Use this tool in order to find out what force the gas spring requires in order to support the lifting of your application. The force and size of the gas spring will be calculated based on the dimensions and weight of your application. 


The configuration tool will help you to select the gas spring you need. Select a material, choose the dimensions of the spring and add mounting parts.


If you want a replacement for you current gas spring, you can find one by filling in the article number. The tool will search our database to find a proper replacement for your damaged gas springs.  

When you need any assistance regarding using our tool. You can contact us via phone or email. Our staff would like you to help you further as soon as possible.