Gas spring calculator imperial

When you are looking for a gas spring that fits your application, you can decide to make use of our calculator. The calculator will assist you in calculating the proper amount of gas and the correct dimensions of your gas spring. When you need a gas spring for your kitchen cabinet, this probably will need less force than a gas spring used for opening a window. Therefore, it is important to enter all the required information in a correct manner, so that the gas spring will not fail to do its job in a proper way.  

How to use the calculator?

You can enter the different details of your application in our calculator. Follow the following steps in order to calculate your gas strut in imperial units.

  1. Enter the length of your application in imperial units.
  2. Fill in the height of the application. 
  3. Enter in the angle to the horizontal in degrees when the cover is closed. 
  4. Do the same for the angle to the horizontal in degrees when the cover is open. 
  5. FIll in the weight of the cover. 
  6. Make an indication of where the pivot point is positioned. Is it located at the top, bottom or in the middle of the cover?
  7. Then, select the number of  gas struts you would like to order. Most of the time two gas springs will be sufficient to hold the cover in a certain position. Nevertheless, when the springs are placed on both sides of the lid, it could be possible that  the cover becomes lopsided or it will not completely close. To prevent this from happening, you could place only one spring in the middle of the cover. 
  8. Decide whether you want a steel or stainless steel spring. 
  9. Fill in the width of the application in imperial inches.  
  10. Select whether you would like a cover made of softwood, plastic, wood, hardwood, perspex, PVC, glass, aluminium or stainless steel. 
  11. Add the temperature of the surroundings of your application. This is important as temperatures do tend to influence the required force of the gas spring. At a higher temperature this needs to be higher than at lower temperatures. 
  12. Choose whether you would like to have a tension spring or not. A tension spring pulls on the cover whereas a gas strut pushes against the cover. 


You can choose to calculate in metric units or in imperial units. It is important to pay attention to the settings of the calculator. When selecting metric units, the calculator will calculate in meters, liters and grams. When selecting the imperial units, the calculator makes a calculation based on inches, ounches and feet. 

Our service is an online webshop that offers gas struts for all of your applications. We deliver your order within the range of 1-2 working days. If you are not happy with your order, you can return it by filling in the form. If you are in the need of any assistance, you can contact us anytime. Our staff would be happy to assist you in using the calculator.