Gas lift support

Lift support

Gas springs are mainly used for opening, closing, lifting and lowering heavy objects. They are used in cars, boats, trailers, chairs, hatsches and marine or agricultural machines. Gas springs do support lifting objects as the gas inside is pressurized, they have enough strength to do so. The spring consists of a piston housing, piston rod, seals and is filled with nitrogen gas. Therefore, they are safe in use. The gas will not burn or explode even when they are at a high pressure. The counterpressure that is released will make it possible to easily lift the object.    

About us is an online webshop that provides a broad range of gas springs. We are eager to provide you with the best service. Therefore, we provide you with one year warranty on all of our products. If you do have any complain about the product you have received, you can return it to us by filling in the returning form. All of our staff is experienced and would like to advise you on which gas string is suitable for your application. 

Use our tools! 

What makes is unique is the ability to use our online tools. Those tools are made available especially for your use! You can calculate a gas spring with the help of our calculator. If you have no clue what sort of gas spring you need to support your lifting, you can calculate the correct one for you. you fill in the details of the application you need the gas spring for. It will calculate the amount of gas and pressure you will need for your specific purpose.

Our configurator configurates the correct gas spring for you. You already know what you are looking for and you can fill in the material, the type of gas spring and the amount of force you would like to apply on your gas spring. Besides, you can add mounting parts and the tool also shows matching attachments for your gas spring. 

The replacement search functions has been developed to find a proper replacement for your current gas spring. You can make use of this function when you would like to replace your broken or damaged gas spring. We provide replacement parts for brands such as Airax, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus and Suspa. When entering the article number of your gas spring, the search function starts to search our database. It will immediately show you all the gas springs that are available in stock. 

If you have any trouble finding the correct gas spring for your lift support. You can easily contact us by filling in the form. We are happy to answer your questions anytime!