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A gas lift strut is very handy for folding the bed up against the wall without too much trouble. Calculate the perfect gas strut.

A gas strut for a folding bed is a handy tool to easily fold the bed in and out. Without too much trouble, you can fold the bed easily against the wall. Folding beds are often used in spaces where space is limited. For example in holiday homes or guest rooms. Folding beds are space-saving and easy to use. But imagine that you would have to fold the bed in and out yourself. This is a tough job, that requires a lot of force. That is why a folding bed often has a gas strut to facilitate this task.

Calculate a gas strut for a folding bed
Is the current gas strut broken? Or are you installing a folding bed yourself? At Gasspringshop you can calculate a suitable gas strut. In this article we explain how you can use our calculation tool to calculate which gas strut is suitable for your specific folding bed and how you should mount it. As an example we use a 1-person folding bed:

How to use the calculator
The bed weighs 67 kg and is 2 meters long. The width is 95 cm and the height is 25 cm. The hinge is 25 cm from the headboard and in the middle in terms of height. The intention is that the bed is raised 90 degrees with 2 gas springs. To determine which gas spring you need for this, you start by entering this data in step 1 of the calculation tool. Once you have entered this data, you can check whether the simulation corresponds to reality. For example, is the hinge in the right place? Does the bed hinge over the correct length of the bed?

The calculation
Now that the data has been entered correctly, it is time to start calculating. We do this by clicking on calculate, under the simulation. The calculation tool now comes with a gas spring under the bed. This is because most valves or hatches are fitted with a gas spring in this way. However, the gas spring for a folding bed will be positioned above the bed. We do this in step 3 of the calculation tool.
First we choose a gas spring with a stroke that is approximately equal to the sum of the height of the hinge and the distance of the hinge from the headboard: 250mm + 125mm = 375mm. We choose this gas spring as close as possible to the currently selected gas spring. In this case we select the 14-28-350, because 350 comes close to the calculated 375mm. Now we adjust the A-size so that the gas spring is positioned approximately vertical.

For this, the A-dimension must be approximately the distance of the hinge from the head end, ie 250 mm. After trying a bit, we find out that with an A-size of 194mm, the gas spring is positioned vertically. Then we rotate the gas spring 180 degrees with the rotate gas spring buttons. You’ll see that the gas spring is vertically above the bed, exactly where we want it to be.

Tutorial: how to calculate gas struts for your a bed

Find a replacement gas strut?
Use the replacement search function. For a number of renowned brands, such as Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat and Suspa Liftline, we offers a replacement gas pressure damper. You can find your replacement gas spring by entering the article number in the search function. The replacement gas spring is from the brand Hahn Gasfedern and serves as a valuable replacement for your current gas spring.