Gas charged springs

Welcome to Gasspringshop. We offer you gas springs, dampers and mounting parts of different dimensions and different amounts of force. Find your gas springs that support your lifting, lowering and opening your applications. Our broad range will provide you the gas spring you will need!

Gas charged springs

Gas springs are adjustable hydropneumatic elements. Gas springs are also known as gas dampers, gas pressure springs or gas struts. They form a practical solution for opening and closing applications. They are used in many industries and can be used for trailers, hatches, tailgates and kitchen cabinets. Gas springs consist of different components; a piston rod, seals and a piston housing. All gas springs are charged with gas in order to function properly. The amount of gas determines the force of the gas spring. The valve of the spring is charged with nitrogen gas. This gas in non-flammable and non-toxic which makes it safe and user-friendly. The amount of gas can be adjusted. We install the right amount for you based on the information of your application. The required counterforce will be calculated so that you are able to easy lift and open heavy objects, such as lids and covers.  

Lift support

Are you in the need of support for your heavy lifting? Use a gas charged spring that can assist you lifting applications. All of our gas springs are suitable for any application and they have a compact design. Installation on doors, windows, hatches and boxes can be executed very easy! The gas spring we offer are manufactured out of high-quality materials and they are approved according to international standards. Ordering gas spring via our webshop is a sustainable investment as gas springs last for a very long time, when maintained regularly. 

Our tools

By using our tools you can find a proper gas charged spring for your lift support. You can use the calculator in order to calculate what amount of force your gas spring will need to have. With this information you can search our webshop for a gas spring that has is equipped with this required amount of force. If you cannot find a gas spring that matches, you may use the configurator in order to assemble one of your own. Fill in the details in the boxes and you will be able to adjust the different specifications of your gas spring. Finally, when you would like to replace your current gas springs, you can find a replacement with our search function. By simply entering the article number, the tool will automatically find a match!