Gas arms

Gasspringshop offers a great variety of different kinds of gas arms for all kinds of purposes. We have a wide range of different gas arms available. They are offered in various lengths, diameters, colours and materials. We offer reliable products and guarantee you the best quality.

What is a gas arm?
Gas arms, or gas struts, are used to support or counterbalance moving masses. For example, they are being used for lifting, raising, of lowering heavy valves. Gas arms are amongst others used for trailer hatches, market stalls, folding beds or sunbeds. They facilitate our lives and make it more comfortable. Gas arms should not be mistaken by gas shocks which are used to support moving masses while controlling the system’s motion. A gas arm supports opening and closing an application whereas a gas shock does not return the energy that is has collected.

Are you looking for a gas arm? Find or calculate yours via one of our tools!
Gasspringshop has developed a unique calculation tool by which you can find the perfect gas arm. When you are not entirely sure what force you will need for your application you can use the calculator. This calculator will calculate the required amount of gas, based on the data you have indicated. When you are familiar with gas arms, you can use the configurator. Via this tool, you can assemble the gas spring all by yourself. The final option we offer is to find an exact replacement for you current gas arm. The replacement search function will find a suitable replacement based on the article number of your current gas arm.

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