Flexlift gas springs

Are you in the need of a replacement for you Flexlift gas spring? Gasspringshop offers different gas springs that vary in shapes, sizes, materials forces and mounting parts. We have a very broad range of gas spring that we can customize as well. With that, we guarantee you a proper replacement for your Flexlift gas spring. 

Replace your Flexlift 

If you want to replace your broken Flexlift gas spring. You can use our replacement tool in order to find a fitting gas spring. When entering the type and article number of your current Flexlift gas spring, our tool will search our database. It will find a matching gas spring within a few seconds. Our gas springs are from the renowned brand Hahn Gasfedern. 

Customized replacements

Hahn gasfedern supplies gas springs for many purposes. They offer gas springs for medical technologies and the chemical and food industries. They produce gas springs made of high-quality (stainless) steel. Besides, they are resistant to chemicals and water. As they are corrosion resistant, they are applicable for objects in or near saltwater.  

Replacement tool

If you do not know which gas strut you need to order in the webshop, you can make use of the replacement tool. This tool will help you to find a proper replacement for your Flexlift gas springs. This search function searches our database in order to find a replacement based on the article number of your current gas spring. Sometimes, the tool is not able to find a result. If so, please use our configurator to assemble a suitable replacement by your own.   

Our service

The gas springs we offer are available directly from our stock. We deliver order within 1-2 working days. If you are not happy with your order, you can easily return it by filling in the returning form on our website. When you have any questions regarding finding a replacement for your flexlift gas strut you can contact us by phone or email. Our employees are happy to assist you.