Attwood springlift

Are you searching for a suitable Attwood springlift? Gasspringsshop offers various high quality replacement gas struts for many brands. The replacement gas springs are from the renowned brand Hahn Gasfedern. Calculate and find your gas strut by using one of our tools.

Stainless steel gas struts

Hahn Gasfedern supplies various gas springs, including for special applications such as in medical technology, the chemical and food industry and shipbuilding. The gas springs are made of high-quality stainless steel and are resistant to chemicals and seawater. Stainless steel gas struts are very suitable for outdoor applications such as deck hatches and captain chairs. The gas springs are corrosion resistant, so salt water is no problem.

Gasspringsshop supplies stainless steel – 304 gas struts ranging from 450N, M5 thread up to 2500N, M10 thread. All gas springs that we offer via the webshop are immediately in stock. You can expect your order to be with you within 1 to 2 working days.

Calculate and find your gas strut

We have developed different types of tools to find the correct strut for your application. With one of these calculators you will find the perfect replacement gas spring for an Attwood springlift. We offer three solutions to find a suitable gas spring. Use the calculator, configurator or search function to find a replacement gas spring.


The configurator gives you the opportunity to assemble a gas spring with matching mounting parts and the desired strength. If you select a gas strut, you will see the appropriate attachments associated with the selected gas spring. The 360 degrees button helps you view your product in 3D. The configurator comes in handy for those who want to assemble their gas spring themselves.


If you have absolutely no idea which stainless steel gas strut you need for your application, we recommend that you use the calculator. The accompanying instruction video gives you all the information you need to calculate the correct gas spring.


Finally, we have also developed a search function to find a replacement gas spring. You can find a suitable replacement based on the article number of your current gas spring. In some cases, the search function will not show a result. If that happens, use the configurator to find a suitable gas spring.

Trouble finding a suitable gas strut?

Our customer service is happy to help you find a suitable gas strut for your application. For example, they can help you by checking your design or advising you on a suitable solution. Contact us by phone or send an email. We are happy to assist you.