320mm gas struts 500n

Are you looking for a 320mm gas strut with an extension force of 500 Newton? Gasspringsshop is thé webshop for buying gas springs and corresponding mounting parts. Due to the wide range in our webshop you will always find a suitable gas spring. We even offer you various options for calculating the correct gas spring for your application.

A 320mm gas strut 500n is, for example, the perfect gas strut for opening and closing a toolbox. The gas spring ensures that you can easily open your application, without requiring a lot of force. For the toolbox, for example, the lid will always remain open from now on. That way you don’t have to open your toolbox every time you need something.

Calculate an appropriate gas spring
Before you calculate your gas spring, you must ask yourself whether you know which gas strut you need. If you do, then it’s easy to find the suitable product in our webshop. However, most people will discover that they do not know exactly what gas spring they need. We have developed three tools especially for this, which will help you to find the suitable gas spring.

I do not know which gas spring I need
In this case, our calculation tool offers a great solution. The calculator helps you design your own gas strut. Fill in the details of the application where you want to use the gas strut for, and the tool will calculate a suitable gas strut for you.

I want to assemble my own gas strut
This is also one of the possibilities, use our configurator. The configurator offers you the possibility to assemble a gas strut with corresponding mounting parts. You can also enter the desired strength yourself. Thereafter, you can view your product in 3d by clicking on the 360 degrees button.

I’m looking for a replacement
We offer various replacing gas struts for gas strut from the following brands: Airax Rayflex, AL-KO, Bansbach, Lesjöfors, Stabilus Lift-O-Mat, and Suspa Liftline gas springs. Use our replacement search function and search by type or article number to find a suitable replacement.

I see no results in the replacement search function
There is a possibility that no results will be shown when you use the replacement search function. If so, try to find a suitable gas strut by using the calculator or configurator.