20 inch gas springs

Gasspringshop offers gas springs for many applications that will help you to support for example, opening, closing, lowering and lifting. Via our webshop, you can search for all kinds of gas springs. We offer them in different sizes, colors and dimensions. 

20 inch gas springs

20 inch gas springs are gas springs that are fairly common. Therefor, you can easily find them in our webshop. The length of a gas spring is important because it has a great effect on the performance of the spring. To let it function properly, the length should be around 60% of the length of the object you want to attach the spring to. The exact position will be determined by the length of the lid. This should be placed on the lid on 20% of the length. When you follow those guidelines, the 20 inch gas spring will be able to open, lower, lift or close the application in a convenient way. 

Determine the inches of your gas spring

If you want to calculate the size of the gas spring that will be suitable for your application, you should consider the following:

  1. The function of the gas spring.
  2. The speed and frequency of the movement of the spring
  3. The dimensions of the application itself. 
  4. The position of the application and the directions of operation.
  5. The weight and centre gravity of the application.
  6. The environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity. 

Our tools

By making use of our tools, you can assemble 20 inch gas springs for your application. The calculator will help you calculate the correct dimensions and amount of force of your gas spring. The configuration tool will help you to assemble a 20 inch gas spring with any amount of force you will need. The replacement tool will assist you in finding a replacement for your 20 inch gas springs. 

Our service

Via our website, you are able to make use of our tools for free. Besides that, we offer only gas springs of the best quality. those are manufactured by HAHN Gasfedern, a well-known German producer of gas springs. After you placed an order via our webshop, your order will be shipped within 1-2 working days. Next to our standard 20 inch gas springs, you can also select gas springs of different sizes, or customize a gas spring via the configuration tool. 

If you need any assistance when finding and purchasing your gas springs, please contact us via phone or email. We will be happy to help you!