15 inch gas spring

Do you need a gas spring that assists you lifting, opening, lowering and closing (heavy) applications such as lids and hatches of boxes and trailers? Find you gas spring via our webshop. We do offer gas springs that are suitable for lifting objects of different weights? 

15 inch gas spring 

15 inch gas springs are common gas springs. They can help you in order to support lifting, lowering, closing and opening objects. The length of the spring is important as it influences the opening and closing op lids, hatches and doors. The length of your gas spring should be around 60% of the length of the hatch or door. The position of the gas spring will be determined by the length of the lid and should be place on the lid on 20% of the length. When following those simple rules, the lid will open and close in a proper manner. 

Determine the correct inches of your gas springs

In order to determine the correct length of your gas spring, you will need to take into account the following questions: 

  1. What is the function of the gas spring? Should it open without any assistance, assist or hold open your application? 
  2. What is the speed and frequency of movement?
  3. What are the dimensions of the application (width, thickness and length)? 
  4. What is the position of the application (the direction of operation)?
  5. What is the weight of the application and its centre of gravity?
  6. What environmental conditions, such as temperature and humidity, are there? 

Our tools

With the help of our tools, you can find an 15 inch gas spring easily. Use our configurator to assemble a gas spring of your own, or use the replacement tool when you need to replace your current gas spring. You simply enter all of the details of your gas spring and the tool will do the work for you! Within a few seconds, you know which gas spring is suitable for your application.

When you need any assistance, we recommend you to contact us via phone or email. We would be happy to to help you with advice and additional information.