100 lb gas springs: Looking for a gas spring that can lift 100 lb?

Gasspringsshop has a broad range of different gas springs that can lift 100 lb. Find our complete range in our webshop.

Are you looking for a gas spring that can lift heavy objects? Those kind of gas springs need to be very powerful and need to provide pressure at sufficient amounts in order to function safely and properly. If your object (like a hatch or window) is 100 lb, you can order a gas spring to make your life easier.

Gas spring for 100 lb

100 lb is a massive weight! Therefore, it is important to find a proper gas spring in order to lift heavy objects. If you are looking for a new gas spring or looking for a replacement of the existing one, you can go to our online shop. Via our webshop you can find the perfect gas spring for your application. We have developed different tools that are very helpful in order to find a replacement or to create a whole new gas spring.


If you want to create your own gas spring that can lift up to 100lb, you can make use of the calculator. This tool calculates the amount of gas that is required to establish a sufficient amount of pressure. Via filling in all the required date, an estimation is being made for you. With this information you can search for a correct spring in our webshop or you can move on to using the configurator.


The configurator assembles a gas spring for you. You can create one yourself. This way, you are able to make a gas spring that can lift up to 100 lb. By filling in all of the specification that you need, you can create a gas spring within a few minutes. After you finished the developing process you can view the result via the 360 degrees button.


If you need to replace your 100 lb gas spring, you can make use of this tool. This tool provides the ability to find a replacement for your current gas spring. By filling in the type and article number of the gas spring, the search engine will find a matching replacement for you.

About us

Gasspringshop is the number one gas struck provider in the UK. We have a broad range of different gas springs for all kinds of applications. Whether you need a gas spring for your car, toy box or boat. We easily can provide them all to you. We do have the option to create a custom made gas spring, but you can also order a ready made gas spring that can serve as replacement for you current springs from brands like Bansbach, AL-KO and Suspa. Our gas springs for 100 lb. are provided by Hahn Gasfedern.

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